Buffington Brothers truly is a family owned and operated business and has been from the very beginning, in 1951.  Buffington Brothers was founded by Claude and Vernon Buffington and started out as a very small operation with just the two of them.  Claude’s son Stan Buffington grew up in the business and began installing at an early age.  Around 1974 Stan, along with his wife Mary, purchased Buffington Brothers from his father and uncle.  Together Stan and Mary grew the family business from a 2 person operation to a 40+ person operation and expanded from not only residential but also commercial, insulation, duct cleaning, and much more to make the customer as comfortable as possible.  This of course took many years and while growing their family business they also grew their family.  They had 3 children who grew up in the business and have always been seen around the office and even out in the field helping.  Today, two of their three children, Stacy and Ryan are still in the business helping with goals of taking Stan and Mary’s place one day as the 3rd generation.  Many things have changed over the years, but you can still find the family working together in efforts to make each customer comfortable and happy.  Even today, you can still find children in the office “helping out”.  Only now it’s their grandchildren, the 4th generation, learning early how to work hard and treat customers the way the first three generations have.  It’s obvious that Buffington Brothers has been here for many years and will be here for many years to come.

Our 65+ years of business is proof that we stand behind our work.  We proudly serve Poplar Bluff and the surrounding Southeast Missouri / Northeast Arkansas area.  Our family and staff are all from this area and take pride in serving our neighbors and friends.