Insulation – Spray Foam & Blown-In Cellulose

Did you know you can save on your utility bills just by adding insulation to your walls or attic?  Buffington Brothers offers 2 different types of insulation – Spray Foam Insulation and Blown In Cellulose Insulation.  Both are excellent ways to save on energy bills by keeping your inside air inside!  Installing insulation in new or existing homes is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your family.  Walls are fully and tightly insulated.  No more gaps, voids or drafts.  Just years of comfort and energy efficiency.  Both types of insulation also reduce maintenance and wear of your heating and cooling equipment.

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Applegate blown-in cellulose insulation is less polluting and more energy efficient than fiberglass insulation.  Researchers have found that utility bills were 32% lower in a cellulose insulated building than in a fiberglass insulated building.  Cellulose also provides up to 50% better fire resistance than fiberglass, protecting your home and family.  Our insulation does such a good job protecting your home from the weather that your heating and cooling system will run less, last longer and require less maintenance.


Spray-Foam Insulation

This type of expandable foam insulation has a high R-value and is a great air-sealing product.  It improves your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and is good for sound control.  It stops air and moisture infiltration, adds strength to the building structure and is permanent and will not sag or fall over time.  Spray foam insulation can be sprayed in attics, walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, etc.  It fills all gaps, cracks and holes!



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